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Sloan at the Bowery Ballroom this weekend

First of all: What does everyone think of Parallel Play? I must admit, after an opus like "Never Hear The End Of It" i am kind of disappointed. I really didn't like all the songs on NHTEOI, but there were so many that I still liked a TON of them... but anyway.

Second of all: Is anyone going to see Sloan at the Bowery Ballroom this week? I have seen Sloan twice, in St. Louis and in Minneapolis. I am kind of nervous about seeing them in NYC, because I don't know if it will be as intimate. I picture thousands of screaming fans (many of them teenage girls, as I used to be. Too bad "I'm not a kid anymore." Hah) and Sloan rushing away as soon as the show is over instead of sticking around to chat & stuff.

Also: ( Sloan seem to not enjoy photos so much )
(by the way, that is a fake cut, to my own LJ. too lazy to ctrl-c ctrl-v. actually, cmd-c and cmd-v, since i am a mac user!)

See you guys soon! Spread the love!
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I actually saw Sloan at the Bowery last year. It wasn't as intimate as the shows I'm used to, seeing as I live in Florida and they're lucky if they can get 100 people at a show here, but it was kind of fun having a bunch of people singing along in a packed venue. I was way at the back, though, due to a very delayed flight, so it was probably much more fun up front. ;) And the band definitely stuck around afterwards--even Andrew! *gasp*

Have fun. I'm jealous and hope they make their way back South again soon.

(Also, I like Parallel Play a lot better than NHTEOI...)
Interesting! Thanks for the input!
What's the deal with Andrew? He looks the most pissed off in all the photos... is he a malcontent? (i can't think of a better word)
Haha, I have nooo idea. I think I heard once that's he's actually just shy?
I don't think he's a malcontent, he just likes to do his own thing, maybe? I've seen Sloan something like 18 times, and Andrew has only come out afterwards once out of those times. Even Chris was shocked to see him. :) But he was really nice and pretty funny. I wouldn't take the faces he makes in posed pictures too seriously as an indicator of personality. *g*
I saw a They Might Be Giants show at the Bowery and it wasn't bad. Definitely not a huge crazy amount of people. And there's a bar downstairs where a lot of the band and other special guests who were playing with them were hanging out for a long time afterwards, so you might actually have more of a chance than you would elsewhere. Have fun, I can't wait to see them again!
Thanks! Cute icon by the way :)
Aww thank you. That's my little baby boy being silly, hehe.
I liked Parallel Play! (Here's my review.) Hope the shows are really fun, I hear their Bowery shows are always a great time.
That's a well written review! i read the whole thing! and I usually don't read stuff. But anyway. I guess I shouldn't say I dislike the album, but I don't like it as much as NHTEOI. But, maybe that is because the former is much longer, and has so many more songs. Like, there are quite a few tracks on NHTEOI that i skip when I listen to the album, BUT there are many songs that I love love love love love. None of the songs on Parallel Play really make me LOVE them.
But I must say, I have been listening to it more and it's growing on me.
well looks like I somehow commented on your journal entry
i'm going to both bowery shows this week. it's gonna be awesome!
Cool! maybe I'll see you there! I'm going by myself, and i'll probably be taking about a zillion photos (the last time I went to see Sloan i got about 400 shots).
I picture thousands of screaming fans (many of them teenage girls, as I used to be. Too bad "I'm not a kid anymore." Hah) and Sloan rushing away as soon as the show is over instead of sticking around to chat & stuff.

I picture that for a summer show I'm going to as well! How was it!?
What show do you think that'll happen at? It was great, a lot of fans (enough to know the SLOO-OOAN chant, which i'd only seen half-assed at the shows i'd been to before) and no one was obnoxious! Lots of fun.
I'm not even sure if its released to the public yet... so I havent said anything to anyone about it really... kinda mean of me. But its a free concert, so goodness knows the people that'll show up that only KINDA know them and such.
Ohhh you HAVE to tell me now... amanda at audrizzle dot com! i am dying to know.
do you have MSN? I can add you there?
no, but i have AIM... glitteringshoalsa
withOUT an a at the end
ooo! I forgot this computer doesnt have it.. I'm just gonna download it now.