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Hmm... a weird question.

I was wondering if anyone had all of the Sloan videos online, or on their computer? I want to convert them to be able to play on my ipod.

I'll upload them (in iTunes format at the time...) if anyone wants them as well.
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Did you ever find these?
For some reason, I've noticed that its really hard to find Sloan videos online. I'm not the best searcher of these things mostly anyways (I really do suck at using google) lol.

I found a few. The ones I have are (I can upload any you want? They're in iPod format not...):
* All Used Up (car smashing version)
* Believe In Me
* Coax Me (but its totally crappy)
* Flying High Again

So I'm missing quite a few. I'm really in search of:
* The Lines You Amend
* If It Feels Good Do It
* Losing California
* The Good in Everyone
* The Other Man

Plus in the non-music video front I've been trying to look for a version I can download of that whacked out BMG tour video.
Oh awesome. OK! I was just wondering. Actually, if you could upload Flying High Again I would really love it - I am testing some new devices out and they play video, and I don't have ANY on my computer.

However, I am going to try to find a DVD ripping device; I might've already found one, and am testing it out, so if it works I will rip all of A Sides Win and post them here!
There's 'Flying High Again'. I hope its in the right format!

Good luck with it working!
Thank yoooou! I will let you know if I manage to get this rip thing working (it may be a while, I am at work basically all my waking hours the next little bit). Thanks much.

Also re: your message, absolutely! :) I don't really talk about Sloan much anymore but you are perfectly welcome to add and I shall return the favour.
Its cool... take your time :) Those kinds of things can be horrible to figure out.

Awesome :) I will add you now lol if I can remember how, since I can barely keep my eyes open right now.